Sample Job Compilation and Execution:

Prerequisites : The followings are the basic requirements for the complilation of Application 1. Grid Head Node (gridfs) login 2. Properly Authenticated & Authorized with Cluster Head Nodes 3. Source code of Application(C or Fortran) After fulfilling the above requirements, the user needs to follow the steps Keywords : GHN=Grid Head Node; CHN=Cluster Head Node Step 1 Login into the GHN (gridfs) from your system and generate the proxy certificate and check the authorization on CHN, Syntax : ssh < user-name >@ grid-proxy-init globusrun -a -r < CHN > Example : ssh garuda@ globusrun -a -r tf73 Step 2 Copy the source file/dir into the CHN and login into CHN Syntax : gsiscp < file-name > < CHN > (OR) gsiscp -r < dir-name > tf73: gsissh < hostname > Example : gsiscp /tmp/matrix.c tf73: (OR) gsiscp -r /tmp/matrix tf73: gsissh tf73 Step 3 On CHN, create User Directory and copy App. Sources Syntax : mkdir < username > cp < filename > < username-dir > (OR) cp -r < dir-name > < username-dir > Example: mkdir garuda cp matrix.c garuda (OR) cp -r matrix garuda Step 4 a. Compile the source code of the application using Syntax : < Compiler Name > < src-app > Example : C : gcc matrix.c for sequential mpicc matrix.c for parallel (mpcc matrix.c on AIX cluster tf73) Fortran: xlf matrix.f for sequential mpxlf matrix.f for parallel Step 5 b. Compile the source code of the application using make utility Syntax : make -f < makefile-name > c. Any other compiler, < Absolute path of the compiler > < file-name > Example : /usr/local/mpich-1.2.6-Intel/bin/mpicc matrix.c Step 6 Executing the application on CHN for sequential ./a.out for parallel "mpirun -np 4 ./a.out" for Linux/Sun OS "poe ./a.out -hfile ./host" for AIX Step 7 a. Logout from the CHN using exit command b. Copy the executable from the CHN Syntax : gsiscp < CHN >:~/< app-name > < portal-dir > Examples : gsiscp tf73:~/a.out .portalfiles

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